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Documentation and Howto's


  • Software Documentation on how to install and use the involved software packages, how to use the GitLab service, and about the development workflow, etc.


Control & Readout Software



Cooling Documentation on the cooling simulations, measurements, laboratory setup and the final design.

Århus Testbeam 2023

Århus Testbeam 2023 Documentation on the testbeam at Århus hospital including simulation, setup, equipment used, etc.


List of publications from the project.

Workpackage Reports


Journal Articles

  • Alme, J., Barnaföldi, G.G., Barthel, R., Borshchov, V., Bodova, T., van den Brink, A., et al. A High-Granularity Digital Tracking Calorimeter Optimized for Proton CT. Frontiers in Physics. 2020;8(460).
  • Pettersen, H.E.S., Volz, L., Sølie, J. R., Alme, J., Barnaföldi, G.G., Barthel, R. et al. Helium Radiography with a Digital Tracking Calorimeter-a Monte Carlo Study for Secondary Track Rejection. Phys. Med. Biol. 2021;66(3):035004.
  • Sølie, J.R., Volz, L., Pettersen H.E.S., Piersimoni, P., Odland, O.H., Röhrich, D., et al. Image quality of list-mode proton imaging without front trackers. Phys. Med. Biol. 2020;65(13):135012.
  • Tambave, G., Alme, J., Barnaföldi, G.G., Barthel, R., Van Den Brink, A., Brons, S., et al. Characterization of monolithic CMOS pixel sensor chip with ion beams for application in particle computed tomography. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A 2020;958:162626.
  • Pettersen, Helge Egil Seime, Johan Alme, Gergely Gabor Barnafoldi, Alba Garcıa-Santos, Ola Grøttvik, Håvard Helstrup, Kristin Fanebust Hetland, Ilker Meric, Odd Harald Odland, Gabor Papp, Thomas Peitzmann, Dieter Röhrich, Joao Seco, Hesam Shafiee, Eivind Vågslid Skjæveland, Ganesh Tambave, Kjetil Ullaland, Monika Varga-Kofarago, Lennart Volz, Boris Wagner and Shiming Yang. Design Optimization of a Pixel Based Range Telescope for Proton Computed Tomography. Physica Medica Special Issue: Advances in Geant4 for medicine. 2019; 63:87-97
  • Pettersen, H.E.S., J. Alme, A. van den Brink, M. Chaar, D. Fehlker, I. Meric, O.H. Odland, et al. Proton Tracking in a High-Granularity Digital Tracking Calorimeter for Proton CT Purposes. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 860C, 51–61. doi:10.1016/j.nima.2017.02.007.
  • Pettersen, H.E.S., Chaar, M., Meric, I., Odland, O.H., Sølie, J., Röhrich, D. Accuracy of parameterized proton range models; a comparison. Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 144 (C): 295-297 (2018). doi:10.1016/j.radphyschem.2017.08.02
  • Pettersen, H. E. S., and D. Röhrich. 2017. Kreftbehandling Med Protonterapi Og Proton CT. Fra Fysikkens Verden, December 2017.


  • Pettersen, H.E.S., Meric, I., Odland, O.H., Shafiee, H., Sølie, J., Röhrich, D. Proton Tracking Algorithm for Pixel Based Range Telescopes for Proton Computed Tomography. Revision submitted to Web of Conferences after the "Connecting the Dots" conference.
    • Revised manuscript: PDF
  • Pettersen, Helge Egil Seime, Lennart Volz, Jarle Sølie, Dieter Rohrich, and Joao Seco. A Linear Projection Model to Estimate a Proton’s Position in a Pencil Beam For Single Sided Proton Imaging,. Submitted to Physics in Medicine and Biology.
    • Submitted manuscript: PDF
  • Eikeland, Viljar Nilsen et al. Bergen Proton CT System. Submitted as proceedings for the 12th Position Sensitive Detectors conference.
    • Submitted manuscript: PDF


  • Eikeland, Viljar Nilsen. Bergen proton CT system. Presented at the 12th Position Sensitive Detectors conference.
    • Submitted poster PDF


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Slides from the project workshops in 2016


Planning and information on commissioning, beam tests, etc.


Sections for the different work packages


Contact info of involved people


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